Laser clay pigeon shooting hire is fast becoming one of the most popular activities for modern British events. A chance to competitively shoot guns and score points, all in a perfectly safe environment! Hire clay pigeon shooting and experience what it is really like to play the traditionally English sport. With great sound effects and real shotguns transformed into laser guns, the hire laser clay shooting gives participants a genuine encounter with a skilful and thrilling activity. From Glasgow to London laser clay shooting can be delivered and operated nationwide from The Entertainment Group. Hire outdoor laser clay shooting to add a great source of entertainment for your guests. Laser clays works by launching the clay pigeons, which have specially designed sensors attached, into the air.

The participants aim their guns at the clays and pull the trigger to shoot the laser. The electronic scoreboard tracks how accurately the contestants have shot on the shooting simulator hire, and presents the scores on the board. Hire laser shooting games for your next team building event. Treat your employees to this great hire laser target shooting whilst effectively achieving a coordinated workforce! Summer fetes nd fun days are some of our most popular clients for the hire laser clay shooting. We simply ask for one set hire rate for the hire laser clay simulator, you are then free to charge customers as you wish to take part.

This system makes the hire laser clays also very popular at fundraising or charity events. Previous clients that have chosen the pay per go rather than free play system always show a profit and have commented on the effectiveness of fundraising via hire shooting simulator.  Indoor clay pigeon shooting is yet another option for this fantastic activity. Due to the year-round popularity of the hire laser shooting games, we have developed this indoor version to be sure that no event misses out on the hire laser shooting games. The indoor laser clay shooting works in a similar fashion to the outdoor version, except there are no clay pigeons, instead a large board is situated at a distance from the participant, and bulbs will then randomly light up around the board and become the targets.

So whether your request is a shooting simulator London, or anywhere else in the country, call now for more details and to secure yourself a bargain booking!